Welcome Home, a Seattle-based business that has emerged from stealth mode, is a predictive home maintenance service that helps arrange contractors and plan community discounts. Every Tuesday, consumers are notified of an offer that will be available the following day, such as yard cleaning, window washing, automobile detailing, and other services. The organization may also help with odd things like hanging a television.

Ashley Michael, a lifelong real estate and property management expert who serves as CEO, and Patrick Opie, a tech veteran who previously founded Scout9, a website that guides users through the many phases of pet ownership, are Welcome Home’s co-founders.

“Everyone is simply so busy,” Michael explained when asked what inspired her to start her own business.

Managing a to-do list or determining who to call for assistance may be difficult for homeowners, she says. Welcome Property’s predictive maintenance model is based on seasons, geographic area, neighborhoods, home types in specific neighborhoods, and other factors.

The business recently completed a test pilot in the Seattle areas of Magnolia, Queen Anne, and Madison Park, during which they discovered, among other things, that homeowners frequently postpone even the most basic maintenance duties. The firm aims to be the go-between, finding the best contractors at the greatest price.

“It’d be great to have 20 homes in a neighborhood that are consistently opting into the various offers,” Michael added, “and also help them with activities that might not be on the deal circuit.”

Rather than creating an app, Welcome Home uses text messaging to communicate with its “home managers.” For example, are there leaves stacking up? Send an SMS to that manager to begin the cleaning procedure.

Welcome Home generates money by collecting a tiny portion of the price paid by clients to contractors for any services. Currently, the organization does not charge contractors any fees to be linked with its weekly specials in order to push those contractors to deliver the finest service at the greatest price.

Several tech businesses have attempted to handle house repairs and services. Welcome House claims to take a “more predictive and proactive approach” to home upkeep than competitors Porch, TaskRabbit, and Thumbtack. Michael described rivals’ strategies as “reactive,” implying that when homeowners have a need, they seek out a service provider.

“WelcomeHome brings home services to residents’ doors in a really easy, fun, and cost-effective way,” she explained.

Because of the high cost of labor and supplies, Michael described Seattle as a difficult market for launching a home services business. Despite the fact that other startups and tech firms are facing the economic uncertainties of a downturn, she is confident about launching in Seattle.

“I believe that a lot of individuals are withdrawing projects or not opting to conduct home remodels, or that there is simply a slight change taking place in that business,” Michael added. We now have a large selection of service providers to pick from, which will result in better prices.

Tihan Seale, an investor, provided some pre-seed investment to Welcome Home, which only has Michael and Opie working for it. However, the company declined to provide exact figures. The firm also intends to run operations in Phoenix and Denver after Seattle.